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Being the heart of virtually all the University functions, we all applaud the present state of ICT in the University of Nairobi. The fact that at the moment it has developed ICT Centre Strategic plans 2013/2018 which was cascaded from the University’s new strategic plan gives it a plus since it will help see it realize of the University’s corporate vision and mission and enable the Center to measure up to a first-class status.

The more than a decade journey that the Center has gone through in its expansion was not a walk in the park. ICTC’s upward success has been a result of shear hard work, dedication, unity and willpower from its staffs under good leadership, support and guidance.


Prof Timothy Waema

Director, 2002-2006

Prof Timothy Waema started his leadership  in the year 2002. It was during this year that the Institute of Computer Science was rebranded into a whole new Information Computer Technology Center, ICTC.  Prof Waema’s extensive knowledge in ICT4D research and other facets of ICT development and consultancy empowered him to come up with policy development systems that were directed towards making ICTC, in conjunction with School of Computing, the excellent spot for obtaining BPO/IT enabled services. Through this, the Center became a leader in shrinking digital divide in Kenya and East Africa.



Prof Elijah Omwenga
Director, 2006-2012

In the year 2006, Prof Elijah Omwenga became his successor. His immense knowledge in Computing and Informatics made him fit for the task. Being a seasoned software engineer, Prof Omwenga was eminent in intensification of adaptive web-based learning styles and e-content development. Besides, he facilitated the fusion of the ICT Centre with the Telephones Section in the year 2010. In 2011, he intensely participated in developing the Kenya Education Network (KENET) Strategic Plan and Policy and thus putting to focus the key networking ideas that resulted to steady growth of internet connectivity in the University.  That explains why the present state of network coverage is approximately 75%. The relationship between the Center and its stakeholders and customers was further reinforced.




 Mr Ibrahim Otieno
 Director, 2012- To date

After the Professor’s six years of flourishing leadership, Mr. Ibrahim Otieno was handed over the leadership obligation. His management skills grew to become sturdy, thanks to his five year stint at the Center in the post of Deputy Director, Management Information Systems. Since then, his star has ever been shinning. Mr. Otieno is recognized for broadening the facets of the Center through promoting the brilliant idea of hiring college web communication officers so as to facilitate the communication between the Institution and its well-regarded stakeholders globally. Consequently, it translated to growth of staff population from approximately 80 to the present over 120.


In his devotion to see the Center becoming a world-class service provider, he has endorsed monitoring and evaluation processes which are done regularly to allow the management to gauge progress, at every stage, and to institute corrective measures in cases of negative deviation from the expected results. This has enhanced the provision of timely and quality information on performance to inform quality decision-making.


Under his management, the Center is currently connecting the extramural centers to the University WAN (Wide Area Network) so as to make functional its already set up Local Area Networks (LAN) to handle the rapid growth of the university staff and student population and increase capacity for service delivery.  Also in progress is the development of Information System that is geared towards supporting postgraduate studies for the purpose of improving record keeping system and tracking their academic progress.


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