Up-Coming/ On-Going Projects

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Concluded Projects

  2. CEES ICT Centre
  3. CHS WIFI Projects
  4. The College of Health Sciences (CHS) WIFI Project:
  • The project was concluded at the end of June 2013 and now in full operation, at approximate cost of KShs.8M. This brings to 7 the number of
  • campuses covered with integrated University hotspot facility (others include SOB-L.Kabete, CBPS-Chiromo, Main Campus - University Way, SWA
  • Hostel-Statehouse Rd, and Kenya Science Campus (Partially), CEES-Kikuyu(partially).
  • The University has a plan to establish on all its campuses the best and most flexible support for a true digital campus environment, where secure
  • and rich wireless data and voice services can be beamed to all areas in a typical campus setting,  by 2015.

On-Coming projects

  1. School of Law (SOL) WIFI Project: The implementation of this project was formally kicked-off at end of July 2013. The contractor is expected to conclude all works by mid September 2013. On completion, the WIFI network shall cover SOL campus space at Parklands, including all the main offices, Student Hostels and SWA offices, the lawns and students resting areas adjacent to the buildings, the main car parks, and especially strong indoor signals for the Campus Library. Like the previosly concluded WIFI projects, this solution shall be aligned on the following design concepts: the use of beam-forming MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) smart antenna arrays for advanced adaptive RF signal path control and signal routing; Use of smart-meshing; use of Centralized (unified) management for configuration, monitoring and control of the WLAN - through a WLAN Controller; robust and dynamic user security, integrated with the two University-wide SSIDs (chemichemi and Chemiweb).
  2. Pulling of an Extra Optic Fiber Cable to link Main-Campus to Chiromo campus A new cable is currently being pulled between the Main-Campus core back-bone and the Data-center at Chiromo campus, at an approximate cost of Kshs. 0.7M. This project will add redundancy and spare capacity to the existing backbone cable, hence improved reliablity of this segment (minimize interruptions in the event of cable cuts). Most importantly, the new cable will be available to handle anticipated growth in demand for higher capacity links to the data-center, especially from the massively concentrated office space of the planned 'University Towers' building (currently undergoing construction).
  3. Upgrade of the Corporate Antivirus System A contractor is currently on the ground to install a fresh University-wide antivirus system, to cover about 5000 user Work-stations and Lap-tops, at an approximate cost of Ksh 5M.

Planned projects:

  1. Upgraded Physical Security on the ICTC/SCI Building, that houses the University Data-center The tendering process is at an advanced stage for Supply, Installation and Commissioning of a Modern Access Control System, Intruder and Fire Alarm System, and the Supply of Alarm and Fire Emergency Monitoring and Response Services, with Associated Works, for the Building

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