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Wed, 2017-03-29 16:57
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ict Corporate lab

Administrators from various schools were today 29th march 2017 given a refresher course on online application and rolling admissions systems. This system was first used in the September 2016 intake and it has now been rolled out to 2017 January and may intake.

The University launched the online application system and introduced the rolling admission system in order to increase the efficiency of the admission process. This system is very flexible and it allows students to submit applications from all over the globe at any time therefore breaking the barrier of time and space. By using the rolling system, the university will receive, respond and admit students throughout the year.

The rolling admission system will not only target k.c.s.e students but will also make use of high school leavers who upgrade their qualifications at various times in the course of the year, graduates from diploma or certificate programs in tertiary institutions, students from private schools which offer non-conventional curricula and syllabi e.g. GCE,IB among others.

Some of the advantages of using this system are that it will allow the potential student more time to weigh their options which include intra and interfaculty transfers; there is enough time to communicate with the successful applicants early which will allow them time to look for funds. If for example a school is admitting students in September, by June they should have received communication of admission. This system will also give ample time to schools and faculties to schedule their courses and plan for the resources to be used

Speaking during the training, Deputy Director ICT Paul Kariuki noted that just like with all new systems, the online application system was experiencing some difficulties and all issues are being dealt with on the go.

The director CESSP Dr. Julius Ogeng’o urged the administrators to be always friendly when dealing with potential clients and to always portray a positive image. He also asked all admission offices to have clear and presentable brochures that clients can take away and refer further on different courses. He explained to the administrators that every day is an admissions day, an application day and a communications day with the applicants until all the slots have been filled. The administrators were urged to be receiving and retrieving applications every day.  

The training was held at ICT corporate lab and was conducted by User Support staff led by Patrick Githaiga, Julianne Anyim among others.

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