6 Startups for 2019 Nairobi Innovation week

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6 startups have been unveiled as the most promising for the 2019 Nairobi Innovation week. They will pitch to investors, potential partners and celebrity judges during the Innovation Summit on June 13 and 14, 2019 and will be awarded entrepreneurship training scholarship from a leading training institution in Kenya, receive complimentary passes to the Innovation Summit, get a free exhibition booth at the Nairobi Innovation Week exhibition, among other prizes.


Arinifu is a technology company that aims to enhance farming in Kenya and Africa at large through technological innovation and making it accessible to both low and high-income farmers. Arinifu's pioneer product is the Smart Brooder innovation which enhances the entire brooding process by monitoring and controlling the brooding space while providing optimal growth conditions and using technology to convey recorded data.

Bentos Energy

This startup aims at providing alternative and sustainable energy solutions through recycling of bio waste into Eco-friendly green charcoal briquettes. The company has lifted 430tons of waste from the landfills and created over 20 job opportunities directly and indirectly among the youth and women.

BioAfriq Energy Limited

BioAfriq Energy Limited is a Kenyan social enterprise that provides clean and affordable energy solutions for cooking, heating and dehydrating farm produce. The company also recycles biomass waste to manufacture carbon neutral biomass pellets that are used as fuel in its pellet fired solutions. Our products are suitable for hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, schools, farmers, hospitals, slaughterhouses, agricultural processing firms and micro-industries where heat is required. http://www.bioafriqenergy.com/

Green Pavers

Green Pavers is a social enterprise that is addressing the affordable housing social challenge in Kenya while using waste materials generated from households and industries. The business provides affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly building hardware made from recycled waste plastic that is affordable, durable and stronger compared to conventional timber and concrete.


Kencoco Limited

Kencoco improves cooking in rural Kenya. In addition to selling clean cook stoves, the enterprise produces charcoal briquettes made from coconut shells and husks. Compared to wood charcoal, the briquettes have a similar price, but higher heat intensity and a longer burning time, saving households money.

Silmak Agencies (Genesis Care)

This is a company that manufactures a wide range of products which include Genesis sanitary pad, Genesis sanitary pad dispenser, Genesis sanitary pad disposal incinerator and Genesis adult diaper. These products ensure access to sanitary pads to a number of women and girls with poor backgrounds in Kenya, with research showing that around half of the school-aged girls do not have access to sanitary towels.




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