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Since its commencement in the early 2002, the ICT Center, formerly known as Institute of Computer Science, has undergone systematic and progressive maturity stages that have seen it turn into a center accountable for the Nation’s leading ICT innovations and development of homegrown solutions. Its quick growth and steady enlargement can be largely attributed to the modern developing trends in convergence of technology that led to its merger with the former telephone section. The need to stay pertinent in this competent and dynamic world of technology prompted the fusion of the ICT Centre with the Telephones Section in the year 2010 to form the current ICT establishment.  This consequently translated to growth of staff population from approximately 80 to the present over 120.

To be in harmony with the University’s vision of world-class scholarly excellence, the Center has boosted its infrastructure to satisfactorily carter for its growing users through creating hotspots at strategic locations such student hostels, libraries and extra mural centers. This has immensely improved access to ICT resources and further created an opportunity for creative and innovative use of ICT technology. Sections such as the Management Information System; Research, Development and Consultancy; Data Centre and Communications services; Network Infrastructure Services and User Support Services and Maintenance have been created to handle the constantly changing needs of the University’s Management and regarded customers. 

The ICT Center continues to be the heart of all the University functions and boasts of a lasting cordial relationship with its customers and stakeholders both locally and globally thanks to the recently developed ICT Centre Strategic plans 2013/2018 which was cascaded from the University’s new strategic plan for the same period. This Strategic Plan will act as a fundamental element in realization of the University’s corporate vision and mission and enables the Center to measure up to a world-class status.


Dr. Ibrahim Otieno

Director- ICT Centre

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P. O. Box 30197-01000, 

Nairobi, Kenya.



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