The following are the available help support queues and accessible by staff and students to report any support issues they may have and would wish to seek help on. All support issues are resolved through the same queue and users are notified accordingly.


                 FACULTIES         DEPARTMENT         HELP DESK EMAIL

Faculty of Built Environment

Faculty of Built Environment 

Dept. of Arts and Design



Faculty of Engineering



Institute of Nuclear Science



Faculty of Agriculture


Faculty of Agriculture

Faculty of Vet Med.

4.  Faculty of Science & Technology Department of Biological Sciences
    Department of Computer Science
    Department of Mathematics
    Institute of Climate Change Adaptation
    Centre for Biotechnology and Bioinformatics
    Department of Earth & Climate Sciences
    Department of Chemistry
    Department of Biochemistry
    Wangari Maathai Institute
    Department of Physics
5.  Faculty of Education School of Education
    Dept of Educational and Distance Studies

Dept of Educational Comm. and Pedagogical Studies
    Dept of Educational Foundations
    Dept of Physical Education and Sport

Dept of Educational Mng,policy & Curriculum Studies

6.  Faculty of Health Sciences Dental School
    School of Medicine
    School of Nursing
    School of Pharmacy
    School of Public Health
7. Faculty of Arts Faculty of Arts
    School of Economics
8. Faculty of Law Faculty of Law
9. Faculty of Business & Management Scences Business & Mgt Science
10. Faculty of Vet. Medicine Faculty of Vet Med.
11. Kenya Science Campus Academic Cordination and Administration
12. Kisumu Campus Kisumu Campus
13. Mombasa Campus Mombasa campus