SOMA na TELKOM Data Bundles Program

Soma na Telkom Data Bundles

SOMA na TELKOM Data Bundles
1What is Soma na Telkom data bundle?Monthly Data Bundles offering convenient connectivity that allows staff and students of university of Nairobi  to work or study from wherever they are during Covid-19 lockdown period. The data bundles are sponsored by the University for those staff and students  aligible to be provided with the bundles at any given time. The data bundles are used to access specific sites approved by the university for online teaching and learning as well as access to university management information systems. 
2Who is eligible for this type of Data bundlesThese data bundles are provided to students and staff who are registered for the current semester and have fully paid their current semester fees.
3Are all members of staff entitled to get the Telkom line/bundles?Only those whose names have been approved by their respective HODs are elligible.
4How are the data bundles dispensed to students and staffEligible Students and staff are provided with Telkom Kenya sim-cards which are pre-loaded with data bundles every month during the semester of study especially during this time of Covid-19 Lockdown.
5Who pays for these data bundles?The university is sponsoring these bundles during the lockdown period to enable students and staff continue with university activities online
6Does this Telkom kenya line provide access to All Internet sites?This line provides access to university of Nairobi approved/whitelisted online teaching and learning resources. See approves on https://www. (Link to be provided)
7How do i apply for "SOMA Na TELKOM" data bundles ?1. Students to register their intent for facilitation of data bundles by updating their profile in the SMIS portal indicating their preferred Telkom outlet.
 2. Requests received at ICT Centre are processed and forwarded to respective colleges for review and approval.
 3. ICT Centre sends approved list to Telkom Kenya with instructions to configure and activate the lines.
 4. Telkom activates the Sim card and sends to the Telkom outlet(selected by the student)
 5. Student receives an alert from their preferred Telkom outlet to go and collect the Sim card.
8How to get soma na telkom sim card ready?Link to sim-card collection process chart (To be provided)
9Can I collect my card from any Telkom shop?Yes, it's possible in unique circumstances. For instance lockdown restrictions.
10I never updated my profile. How can I do this?Login to and update your profile
11I have paid school fees in full and it’s not reflected on my student portal and hence I can’t access classes. How can I be assisted?Reach out to the school/faculty admins for correction of the same (Admins contacts(Tel or email) are shared with the student)
12Can I be allowed to access the classes with a fee balance?Only students with fee balances below Ksh 5000 are eligible.
13I can’t use my new line or my line has zero bundlesPlease call Telkom customer care number  0202221000 for support or seek assistance from the Telkom shop where you picked the card or contact us on
14I have visited a Telkom shop but I can’t collect the line because I don’t have identification document(s)?Each person is required to produce an identification document in order to collect the card. In case of lost document, produce a police abstract.
15I have visited the Telkom shop but they can’t trace my name in their list despite the fact that I got a notification SMS to collect the SIM card.Request Telkom officers to re-check all the lists. SMS's were only sent to the people in the list only. Otherwise contact UoN customer care on 0204916414/5 for assistance.
16How do I acquire a personal sim card from Telkom?Visit your nearest Telkom shop for purchase. Terms and conditions of purchase at Telkom apply.
17How often are the data bundle reloaded in the Telkom lineThe data bundles are reloaded once every calendar month
18How do I check my data bundles balance on this soma na Telkom line?Dial *200#
19Whats the procedure of replacing lost Telkom sim card?Visit your nearest Telkom shop to replace a lost card. This will be done on the terms and conditions of sim replacement at Telkom. May attract a fee. Alternatively send(name,Reg no,lost line number, new number(unregistered), New line sno, Alt. telephone contact) to for help.
20How do I know/locate my nearest Telkom shop?Use the link:
21I have the line but I can’t use it due to poor network connectivityKindly give us the details (Full Names, County, Sub-County/Constituency, ID/Reg No, Telephone Number and nature of problem. The details will be forwarded to Telkom Kenya to carry out a network upgrade. Incase there is completely no network coverage, we will advise on alternative solutions.
22There is poor Telkom network coverage in my location and hence becoming impossible to access the internet resources/e-classes. Is there a way I can be helped?Please give us your details for forwarding to Telkom Network Technical team for action. Your details should include Full Names, County, Sub-County/Constituency, ID/Reg No, Telephone Number any other nearby landmark eg school , major town nearby, or aproximate distance from major town.. The details will be forwarded to Telkom Kenya to carry out a network upgrade. Incase there is completely no network coverage, we will advise on alternative solutions.
23what happen to students who cannot use Telkom lines because of Network connectivity and coverage issuesThis involves a due process of confirmation that indeed the student has applied and been issued with a TKL line, but upon trying, the same has failed, this is confirmed by UoN upon the student writing to customer service, after which the request for provision of alternative data bundles is sent to the respective college principal for facilitation with alternative data bundles.
24What is the Telkom Kenya hotline number020-2-221-000
25What do I do if my bundles get depleted before the next reloadBuy discounted bundles by dialing *200# to use for the remaining days before end month.
26Does the remaining data bundle rollover to a new month?The remaining monthly data bundle DOES NOT rollover to the new month.
27I have bundles but I can't use my lineYour data bundles may require activation. Contact or
28I have a Telkom Kenya Line, can i use it with these bundles ? Fill the consent form after updating your portal to have your line co-owned with the university .Follow this link.https: (URL Tobe provided) 

KENET-Safaricom E-Learning Discounted Bundles

UoN/KENET-Safaricom E-Learning Discounted Bundles

UoN/KENET-Safaricom E-Learning Discounted Bundles
1How do I apply for The UoN/KENET-Safaricom e-learning discounted bundles?

Open the link below and fill the online form.  Choose safaricom on option for 3G/4G Mobile Internet SIM cards.

NB: ensure after submitting the form you visit your email to click on the confirmation email to complete the application process.

2How long should I wait after registration to have my mobile number whitelisted to purchase the discounted bundles?New registrations/submissions to the platform will take between 7 and 14 days to be enrolled for discounted bundles purchase.
3Can I access unlimited global Internet with these Data bundles?The discounted bundles are restricted to only resources provided by the university to be included in the bundle as educational sites. Accessing Internet resources outside those included in the bundle will not be charged/deducted from the E-learning Bundle.
4How do I know the whitelisted websites/educational resources

You can view all the whitelisted sites on link

5How do I know my line has been whitelisted by Safaricom ready to purchase the Data Bundles

You can verify whether your mobile number is already whitelisted by dialing *544*60# . A menu with Tittle “E-learning Bundle “ and an Option “Buy 10GB Bundle @ Ksh 500 “ will pop up.

If you get a different menu items, then your mobile number is yet to be whitelisted.
6Am I issued with a new safaricom line ?NO.  The subscriber of this service is encouraged to use his/her Safaricom mobile line. You can purchase a new one or use an existing one.
7Who is eligible to enroll and purchase discounted education bundlesAll students and staff from the university are eligible to enroll and purchase the discounted bundles once the subscriber mobile number has been whitelisted/activated.
8Are the discounted bundles sponsored by the University or users buy for themselves?The discounted bundles are pre-paid and users are expected to purchase for themselves.
9How much does it cost for the Safaricom discounted education data bundles?Safaricom - 10GB/month data bundle at KES 500
10Can I use the purchased bundles for more than 30 days?The validity of the discounted Safaricom E-Learning Bundles is 30 days. Any bundle balance remaining after 30 days shall be re-activated when a subscriber purchases another E-Learning bundle
11I do not have National ID or Passport number for use in registering for discounted bundles.In the registration form, the National ID or Passport Number is not mandatory. You can leave the field blank if you do not have the details
12What email can I use during registration of these bundlesYou should use your university Gmail account
13I submitted my enrollment details but am yet to receive email verification.Kindly check your email in the spam or junk folders. If the email has not been delivered to your inbox, junk or spam folder please check whether you registered with the correct institutional email.
  You can also raise a support case by submitting your query  to or .or call +254-(0) 20-4916413 or 020- 4916414/ or 020-4910000
14Why I’m I unable to see E-Learning Bundle when dialing *544*60#?If you dial the USSD code *544*60# but you see a different menu presentation, it means your mobile number has not be whitelisted/enrolled. You can verify whether your mobile number is whitelisted/enrolled by using the verification page on
15My mobile number shows it is included in whitelisted numbers, but I cannot see the correct menu when I dial USSD code *544*60#?If you dial the USSD code *544*60# but you see a different menu presentation, it means your mobile number has not been whitelisted/enrolled.
16I made an error when submitting my mobile number for enrolment. How can I rectify that error?If you made an error in your submission, kindly raise a support case by submitting your query under the Contact Support tab of this platform.
 For submission errors, under Contact Support, bundles enrolment support. You will be required to re-enter the mobile telephone number used for the erroneous submission. Under the Issues category select change of submission details
 All reported erroneous submissions shall be deleted every 24 hours to allow for the users to submit afresh.
17What are the educational resources incorporated in this eLearning packageThe university approved Online learning platforms (google meet, zoom, Microsoft teams, webex, big blue button,e-class ) , Library e-resources (E-books, e-journals etc) accessible via University VPN Portal, University MIS portals eg SMIS , EPMIS,HRMIS etc , access to gmail , youtube etc.

See the full list via the link https://www.(link to be provided)
18Why is a specific educational resource not whitelisted

Inclusion of educational resources is an ongoing process . Only resources that are strictly being used for e-learning or online learning are included in the whitelist database.
 Additional educational resources can be proposed for inclusion by submitting through (link to be provided) These submissions shall be reviewed in collaboration with your department before inclusion.
 Note: - Any submission of a resource that cannot be verified to be educational and not approved by your department shall not be included in the whitelist.

19Are social media sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter , Instagram etc included in this educational package?Social media websites are NOT included.

KENET - Telkom Sponsored Data Bundles

KENET - Telkom Sponsored Data Bundles

KENET - Telkom Sponsored Data Bundles
1What type of data bundles are these ?The data bundles are issued by KENET to faculty, researchers and staff of member institutions KENET through provision of TKL 4G LTE SIM cards for remote access online
2Who is eligible to enroll for these data bundles?The faculty staff of KENET Member Institutions
3Are the applications for these lines currently openNo new registrations. KENET has completely issued the lines set aside for the initial rollout.
4How are the data bundles dispensed to those issued with the Telkom LinesEligible faculty is provided with Telkom Kenya sim-cards which are pre-loaded with data bundles every month during this time of Covid-19 Lockdown.
5Who pays for these bundlesThese data bundles are fully paid by KENET to support the faculty in E-learning within its member institutions.
6Are these data bundles restricted to access educational resources onlyThe subscribers have access to full Internet.
7How are the cards/lines usedSee the attached user Manual – Attachment to be provided
8How much bundles are provided per month?The cards are preloaded with 30GB every month.
9Does the remaining data bundle rollover to a new month?The remaining monthly data bundle DOES NOT rollover to the new month.


General Support

University of Nairobi Help line

University of Nairobi Help line
1Customer care helplinesCall +254-(0) 20-4916413/4916414/4910000
2Customer care
3Contact periodContact the University Customer Experience Centre between 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.East African time (EAT)


UoN-KENET-Safaricom discounted data bundles Whitelisted sites

Communication and Collaboration Tools

Communication and Collaboration Tools
1 Chrome
2http://zoom.usCollaborative tool for video conferencing, web conferencing and webinars
3 collaborative tool for video conferencing, web conferencing and webinars
4https://www.webex.comOnline collaborative tool for video conferencing, web conferencing and webinars
5https://conference.kenet.or.keKENET ISP web conferencing facility
6 cloud tools/Gsuite tools for working from home
7 mail system
8 Teams video conferencing tool:- Meetings in Teams include audio, video, and screen sharing
9http://youtube.comOnline video files


University Special sites

University Special sites
1 Virtual private network (Intranet access portal eg MIS systems and Library e-Resources like e-books, e-journals, etc)
2 of Nairobi systems of websites ( corporate and department websites)
3http://turnitin.comOnline Plagiarism Checker
4http://uon.ekitabu.comOnline textbook collection.
5 of Nairobi Learning Management System site
6 Somas LMS system
7https://www.pluralsight.comonline technological courses platform
8http://kenet.or.keKenya Education Network.


Research Journals sites and other collaborating institutional sites


Academic Journals


SAGE Journals


Directory of Open Access Journals


African Journals OnLine (AJOL)


Research journals on environment








CABI Online Journals: a source of reference in the applied life sciences, incorporating bibliographic databases,CAB Abstracts and Global Health


Remote access to EBSCO's databases


EMERALD GROUP PUBLISHING LTD Journals, e-books, case studies


Online Research Database


Online Research Database


Online Research Database


Online Research Database


Research for Innovation


Enabling the developing world to access environment research


East African Journal of Science, Technology, and Innovation.


Mass and public access to research papers.


Elsevier is a global information analytics business that helps institutions and professionals advance healthcare, open science, and improve performance for the benefit of humanity.


Library Genesis research papers.


Library Genesis research papers.


An open database of free scholarly articles.


Free legal research articles.


Open database for science research.


Database on open access research papers.


Website on current awareness in healthcare and education.


Physical review journals.


Resource for scholarly publications.


BMC Biology is an open-access journal publishing outstanding research in all areas of biology.


Free access to medical journals.


Research journal on infections and immunity.


Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology


Journal of Virology: American journal of virology


Cochrane Library :- Medical Journal reviews.


IEEEXplore Digital library.


Access To Nature research journals.


Optical Society of America (OSA):- OSA Publishing is a peer-reviewed collection of optics and photonics information


Providing researchers with access to scientific documents from journals, books, series, protocols, reference works and proceedings


World Bank Data catalogue


World Bank Open Data, Free and open access to global development data.


International Environmental Law Research center.


Oxford Academic Journals.


Scientific research organization on HIV and tuberculosis.


Contract research organization, and a clinical research collaborator with leading researchers on public health


KAVI Institute of Clinical Research (KAVI-ICR)


Research Gate: helps discover scientific knowledge and stay connected to the world of science


AIP Publishing:- portfolio comprising of peer-reviewed journals, Open Access titles, that cover areas of the physical sciences.


Educause Review site.:- A community of technology, academic, industry, and campus leaders advancing higher education through the use of IT


LexisNexis:- computer-assisted legal research (CALR) as well as business research and risk management services providing legal, government, business and high-tech information sources


Stanford University Journal contents : scholarly digital publishing platform




Scientific academy of UK -Royal society.




British Institute of Radiology


Edinburgh University Press


Liverpool University Press


MIT Open Couseware


Healey Library: University of Massachusetts Boston


Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh.


Huawei Academy site.


African Court LAW Reports




World intellectual property organization site


Policy Press publishes work that seeks to understand social problems, promote social change and inform policy and practice. Our core aim is to improve the day-to-day lives of people who need it most.


Food and Agriculture organization of the United Nations.


Kenya Dental Association


Agricultural Economics Africa






Antiquity peer-reviewed journal of archaeology


Search titles in the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences


Geology Society of London Publications


Publications at the Forefront of Science, Technology, and Medicine.


The National Center for Biotechnology Information advances science and health by providing access to biomedical and genomic information.


Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.


Alerting system for livestock fertility, lameness, and well-being.


Online lecture talks


Online Science Teaching and Learning Material.


access to online video files


Math tools for graphing, geometry, 3D, and more.


Knowledgebase and tutorials for software developers


Diigo: Collect, annotate, organize & share




Knowledgebase and tutorials for software developers


Knowledgebase and tutorials for software developers


Oracle website


Knowledgebase and tutorials for software developers


Open Educational Resources (OER):- Open Professionals Education Network


The World Digital Library


Open research-based courseware from OpenStax


Top Tools for Learning Site


Comonwealth of Learning Training Course on Open Educational Resources


Audio recorder


Screencast Video Recorder


Video Transcoder


Spark Video Maker


Padlet: Collaborative presentation


Evernote: Type notes, add attachments, clip web pages, or record memos



Active Directory(AD)

How do I retrieve or reset my forgotten Active Directory(AD) password?

  1. Visit and update your profile by providing all the required information.
  2. Wait for between one and half (1.5) to  two (2) hours for  the correct email address to be added to your AD account
  3. Visit
  4. Click on forgot/expired Password Link and follow the prompts
  5. To complete the password reset a verification code will be sent to your UONBI email account provided in your SMIS portal.
  6. Kindly write to Customer care helpdesk using your university email in case you are unable to reset the password, provide student Full Names, Registration Number, UoN email, Campus, School, National ID/passport and Mobile Number as already provided in the Student portal.