Consultancy Services

The University of Nairobi's ICT Centre was established in the year 2002 with the aim of assisting the university to realize its mandate of innovative use of ICT services and products to support research, learning, teaching and administrative processes. The ICT Centre of the University of Nairobi is mandated to carry out the following functions: -

a) To develop and implement an evolutionary ICT policy and strategy that is sensitive to emerging technologies and responsive to changing needs and practices

b) To guarantee the security of ICT resources and the safety of people working in ICT environments

c) To enhance skills to develop, implement, support and exploit ICT resources effectively and efficiently

d) To provide quality network infrastructure and improve student & staff access to ICT services in line with University priorities

e) To ensure that business systems accommodate and facilitate changes in business practice that reflect changing institutional, staff and student needs

f) To advance the need for adequate and sustainable ICT funding from within the University and develop capacity to attract external resources.


In order to realize this mandate, the Centre offers the following services: -

1. Information Systems Development and deployment

2. Communication & Network Infrastructure services

3. User Support and Maintenance Services

4. Consultancy, Innovation and R&D


Under the Consultancy, Innovation and R&D, ICT Center has carried out the following consultancies in the recent past;

1. KASNEB Computer Based Examinations - Ongoing


This is a one year (renewable) consultancy whose overall objective is to provide KASNEB with the relevant technologies and services to support administration of Computer Based Examinations (CBE) in the short (vocational) courses, Certificate in Accounting and Management Skills (CAMS) course and diploma examinations. The project will be done in two phases as follows:-

(a) Phase One: Vocational and certificate (CAMS) examinations.

(b) Phase Two: Diploma examinations.

2. HealthIT Project – Ongoing

HealthIT Project is run by UNES through the School of Computing and Informatics and funded by USAID. The project is aimed at developing, maintaining and enhancing various Health Information Systems (HIS) used by the Ministry of Health (MoH) in Kenya today. These systems

include: DHIS2 for collecting and aggregating various health indicators across the countyr, Data Services Layer (DSL) for analytics and visualtion, Joint Partner Reporting Portal(JPRP), PHES and DATIM among others.

The ICT Center is providing Hosting Services of the District Health Information Systems (DHIS) Ver 2 and Master Facility List (MFL) Ver 2 and Provision of System Upgrade Technical Assistance.

3. Kisii University ERP and security audit – Completed

The scope of the project was to audit an externally supplied ERP for Kisii University with the following key objectives.

Assess level of implementation of all ERP system modules.

Assess adequacy of ERP system module functionalities.

Review network system security architecture for ERP and University staff/student portal.

Perform security review of the ERP database, Application modules and portal servers System infrastructure testing Security Gaps Analysis.

Vulnerability assessment for ERP system and University portal environment.

Review access controls across ERP system and University portal environment (interface, applications, database and supporting devices) to provide assurance on data confidentiality and integrity.

Review the security of system interfaces (protocols, authentication, secure data transmission)

Review adequacy of authentication mechanisms in place including logon authentication processes session handling, cookies, input validation, web server authentication mechanisms.

System infrastructure testing

Review of encryption hashing algorithms in place of data at rest and communication across networks.

4. Testing of ERP system for the Co-operative University of Kenya - Completed

The Cooperative University of Kenya (CUK) engaged the ICT Centre of the University of Nairobi (ICTC) to undertake the testing of the ERP system that was developed by an external consultant and provide an assurance certificate on system implementation. The scope of the assignment therefore required ICTC to undertake Systems Review, User Acceptance Testing, Load Testing, Penetration Testing and Network Testing.