ICT Centre has various infrastructure, equipment and facilities.

To start with is the ICT DATA CENTER: The university computing needs have grown exponentially over time. This growth has largely been driven by automation of University processes and recently the COVID 19 pandemicTo respond to the ever increasing demand, it is important that the University upgrades its datacenter infrastructure to modern data center design and specifications.

The upgrade will not only ensure capacity, availability and security of core & mission critical computing resources, but will also confirm the University of Nairobi’s lead position by creating an Educational Data Center (EDC) that will be a center of excellence in training on data center technologies. Read more on the Data Center upgrade at the ICT Centre.

Further, ICT center, located at Chiromo campus, has a representation in all the six campuses which are managed by Officers in charge of ICT services. All these colleges have computer labs for students, technically supported by ICT Centre. 

The Centre also has a wide range of facilities. They include but not limited to: the ICT boardroom, computer lab, the main generators, just to mention but a few. The following is a pictorial representation of the current ICT boardroom.                                                               

ICT boardroom
                                                   ICT boardroom 

To explore more facilities at the university of Nairobi, follow this link.