Huawei ICT competition 2023-2024 promotional campaign.

Huawei in conjunction with UoN ICT Academy has planned for a Huawei ICT Competition Promotional Campaign at the University of Nairobi. 

We invite all students interested in pursuing Huawei Professional courses to take part in the 2023-2024 ICT Competition. 

Students from the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Science and Technology are highly encouraged to attend. 

Application for graduation 2023


1) Confirm that all marks entered in the SMIS are correct and all required units are complete.

2) All fees should be cleared at least one month before graduation.

3) Convocation fee should be paid before filling an Application for Graduation:


(i) Convocation fee Ksh. 1,000.00

(This payment is compulsory whether one attends the graduation ceremony or not)


(ii) Congregation fee Ksh. 2,500.00

Wangari Maathai Institute for Peace and Environmental Studies officially opened.

The Wangari Maathai Institute for Peace and Environmental Studies was officially opened on Monday, August 28, 2023

The occasion was graced by the cabinet secretary, Ministry of Environment and Forestry who was representing the President of the republic of Kenya his excellency Dr. William Ruto.

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UoN Students Awarded Queen Elizabeth Scholarship.

The University of Nairobi signed a collaborative agreement with the University of the Frazer Valley to facilitate student mobility between the two countries. The first cohort of students to benefit from the QES program was from the University of Nairobi Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies who went to study at the University of the Frazer Valley and students from Frazer Valley come to the University of Nairobi.

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Huawei ICT Competition 2022-2023 Global Final Held at the Huawei Headquarters Shenzhen

On May 24 – 27, 2023, Huawei ICT Competition 2022-2023 Global Final Innovation Competition was held in Shenzhen, China. This time a total of 150,000+ students from 2,000+ Colleges/Universities in across 85 Countries and other regions participated. 19 teams from China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Jordan, Kenya, Nigeria, Turkey, Ethiopia, and other countries and regions gathered at the Huawei headquarters to showcase their creative ideas while demonstrating to the audience and judges.

Huawei ICT Training, June 2023

Gain knowledge and skills required for basic configuration and maintenance of small to medium sized networks and the knowledge of virtualization in computing, networking and storage.



We will be offering the following training tracks con-currently:

  • Huawei Certified ICT Associate (HCIA) Datacom
  • Huawei Certified ICT Associate (HCIA ) Cloud Computing
  • Huawei Certified ICT Associate (HCIA) Storage

Registration is NOW open. Click HERE to apply.