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The University of Nairobi will admit  more than half(313/630) of the  students who scored A in the last year's(2019)  kenya certificate of secondary education (KCSE). This affirms UoN as the higher learning institution of choice in the country.

The cream of the KCSE class of 2019 is headed to the prestigious medicine, engineering and architecture programmes.


The university of Nairobi has geared up online examinations which will see students finish their studies on time amid covid -19 pandemic.The University's Senate  activated online examination due to covid- 19  which automatically deactivated face to face interaction  world over .The  University has trained all students and  academic  staff on various online platforms such as google classrooms, webex etc. The University has also provided free telkom bundles to all students and academics staff. 

Virtual cartoon festival

The University of Nairobi in conjunction with the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran- Kenya, and East African cartoonists society launch a virtual African cartoon festival aimed at highlighting the current global crisis and educating masses through art.

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Kenyans told to embrace the new normal;Virtual Learning .

During an online  Nation Leadership Forum that focused on the impact of Covid-19 on Education, all the panelists encouraged kenyans to embrace virtual learning which is now turning to be the new normal.

The UoN Vice Chancellor, Prof. Stephen Kiama who was one of the panelists expressed his hope of tertiary institutions fully adopting virtual learning, ‘We are using this time to see whether tertiary institutions can adopt virtual learning completely. It is easier to access information globally and to even host a guest lecturer within the virtual space. ‘

Linking Students with job industry.

The University of Nairobi through the office of career services has organized a series of interactive  online seminars (webinars) which shall expose students to job market.For instance the office of career services(OCS) has partnered with industries such as Unilever Kenya Ltd, Davis and Shirtliff, Huawei Technology Company and BAT Kenya Ltd among others.

The webinars will kick off this Friday, 22 May 2020 to June 30, 2020.

Technology should be embraced during and after covid-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has turned the world on its head. No part of our lives has been left untouched by the global disruption. Children are out of school. Manufacturing firms have fallen silent. People are out of jobs in millions, and more are joining them every day. The best healthcare systems in the world are overwhelmed. Scientists world wide  are trying to understand the virus and find a vaccine.

Free Cyber security training .

The University of Nairobi's Office of Career Services (OCS)has partnered with Fortinet PLC to offer Cybersecurity Training to students and staff for free!!

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