Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing 

UoN's Huawei’s ICT Academy is currently offering the Huawei Certified Information Associate (HCIA) Cloud Computing track online (Live Training + E-Learning) for students.This is a capacity building program targeting students in STEM fields. 

The course entails equipping the students with skills in virtualization which is an entry-level technology for cloud computing. This course introduces the knowledge of computing, networking, and storage related to virtualization, and introduces the features of virtualization so that the students can quickly understand the field of cloud computing. 

This is to motivate and support our students to keep upskilling during this COVID-19 period. The students have been sponsored by Huawei Kenya with 15GB worth of data bundles and an exam voucher as well as by the University of Nairobi.

The current continuing class has a total of 18 students with 60 others on the wait list to begin learning as soon as the current class is complete.