The university’s ICT infrastructure and resources have grown tremendously over the last decade to cover all campuses and extra-mural centres. The university has continued to enhance its ICT infrastructure to meet the growing demand and ensure that information is processed and made accessible to all relevant stakeholders using the most effective means.

Among this enhancements, the University is remodelling the Data Center into an Educational  Data Center that will not only ensure capacity, availability and security of computing resources, but will also confirm the University of Nairobi’s lead position by creating an EDC that will be a center of excellence in training on data center technologies.

The university has also partnered with KENET (Kenya Education Network Trust – The National Research Network) to provide broadband connectivity on fibre that has ensured fast and reliable access to online resources from each of its campuses spread across eighteen locations in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and extra mural centres in various counties in Kenya. In addition, the section is keen to extend wifi services to student hostels and common areas to enhance online access to resources.

Other key assignments for the NIS section are systems and database administration, management of email services, internet services and information security that cuts across all ICT functions.