Strategic Issues

The performance and visibility of the University is determined to a great extent by its ICT function. ICT is a key driver in stimulating creativity and innovation in the current highly technologically driven environment. The University is geared towards maximizing student and staff productivity through the adoption and application of appropriate ICT. The strategic role of ICT can therefore not be gainsaid. The University recognizes ICT as a prime mover of performance and has continued to use ICT to improve its competiveness and image both locally and internationally. The University has continued to perform well both regionally and internationally in the academic circles and remains the number one institution in the region.

Strategic objective 1:  To implement a secure, robust and integrated ICT infrastructure

Cover all university campuses with broadband network and power infrastructure

Enhance availability, redundancy and capacity of ICT services

Facilitate innovative uses of ICT in teaching and learning

Establish a Customer Centre delivering a Connected Digital Experience (CDX)


Strategic objective 2:  To achieve world-class university ICT service provision

Provide integrated online management of all University functions

Establish a world-class library portal in support of teaching, learning and research

Re-engineer the University's e-presence

Enhance student and staff portals

Promote IST innovation and commercialization

Strategic objective 3:  To develop and sustain quality and adequate IST technical and user capacity that will propel the University to world-class excellence

Train IST staff on relevant certifications and management

Continuously train end-users to effectively exploit IST resources

Strategic objective 4:  To strengthen IST governance

ICT Center aims to attract and retain competent staff, provide career progression and have a rewards and sanctions system based on performance

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