Digital transformation and the growing adoption of multiple devices continues to shape our ICT support services. Our client’s expectations are increasing and becoming complex every day.  To meet these expectations and deliver quality services, across the entire services continuum, cover multiple technology user demands, the section has constantly been re-evaluating its service delivery mode and solutions to cater for its internal and external users. This approach is giving rise to the everything-as-a-service model, where every aspect of our service engagement is delivered as a service.

The University ICT support Services Section has been the interface link between the ICT Centre and University ICT users spread in all Campuses. The Section has been one of University major strengths in assisting users productively exploit ICT related services and technologies in both teaching and learning as well as in its business functions. The section offers support services in some of the most complex and mission-critical IT infrastructures in the University and has a representation in all Campuses of the University.

The Section also has a responsibility to service and maintain ICT related equipment and end user infrastructure as well as ensuring such equipment are under scheduled preventive maintenance, Warranty and under service level agreement for some of the equipment that support critical University Services and the Data Center.

In addition, in order to offer efficient and effective support services, the section has put in place mechanisms to get user feedback, capture and track user requests through an online help desk system.