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Mr. Joram Kinuthia - Ag. Deputy Director Network Infrastructure Services

One of the core services offered by the University of Nairobi’s ICT Centre is Network infrastructure and communication. In today’s digital world, a perfect support system is very important for the management and functioning of any organization. A good networking system enhances proper communication and productivity within all arms of an organization. Therefore, the importance of an efficient networking system cannot go unnoticed.

Headed by Mr. Joram Kinuthia, ag. Deputy Director, the Network Infrastructure Section has been very efficient in developing and maintaining the entire university’s network infrastructure. Currently, the coverage of network infrastructure within the university campuses is quite remarkable and there are ongoing plans to make it even better.

There are very many responsibilities that are assigned to the network infrastructure section. However, they can be summed up to four key areas including: Network infrastructure, Internet   and email services, database administration as well as information security.  At the same time, the section is also charged with the responsibility of managing data centre services.

Network Infrastructure

 “Backbone infrastructure is the pillar of world class ICT services.” says Paul Kimemia, an ICT security officer at the section. He adds that the presence of fibre networks across campuses has enabled students, lecturers and other staff members to take advantage of the easily accessible ICT services.


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