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Tue, 2016-06-07 12:40
Location / Venue: 

Confucius Institute (ED 213).

The Vice Chancellor Professor Mbithi held a meeting today 6th June 2016 with all the Department Heads from the Central Administration. The meeting took place at the Confucius Institute (ED 213).

The aim of the meeting was discuss matters website and to update all the central heads how their departments were performing on presence, openness, visibility and impact. these are the indicaotrs used in the webmetrics to rank Universities.

The VC urged the members to reform in the manner we do things. When you transform, you cannot return to the former state”. He continued by saying “when you are transformed for performance, you work hard, and consistent for the growth of the institution, but when you change, it will be just for a day”. He urged members to execute all that is in the strategic plan in order for us to remain competitive and on top of the region and even globally.

The VC also urged members to work as a team because this is the only way we can perform better. He also pointed out that we must all continually remind ourselves of our targets. “We need to meet and surpass our targets before end month. It is very critical for our university”.  He asked everyone to prioritize on this exercise in terms of time and effort so that we can achieve all the targets set out.

The Director ICTC on his part encouraged the department heads to propose web champions who will be updating the sites on a constant basis. He also requested that members be meeting on a regular basis so as to update on the progress made.

The meeting was attended by all central department heads, members of the performance Contracting team, and ICT website team.

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